In Development

Project Details

Project status: Development

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Slogan: A Touch Of Frost

Genre: Drama

Running time: 100 min

Director: Anton Azarov

Online: nedosvitfilm.net

Three sisters meet at their mother’s funeral. A distanced Subcarpathian village is picturesque, but unfriendly — a world long abandoned by these women. Many years from now, that’s exactly from place that the sisters departed in different directions. The elder sister, who is nearly 50 years old, is a high-profile Russian official, not the last cog in Putin’s ruling machine. She’s got a great career, but her son, who upholds rather liberal views, won’t talk to his mother, and doesn’t let her see her little grandson. The middle sister is a doctor in Kiev, and she regularly travels to a war zone. Her soul was burned out by the war, and a routine contact with death. The younger sister is 28, works in Western Europe, and just wants to be happy.
Then the old wounds open up, with all three sisters being haunted by the ghosts of their past. Three days ahead of them turn out to be full of challenges much more unpredictable, than they could have expected. Confronted by unsolvable problems, the sisters have to decide who they really are, and whether they are still capable of love. Love for your home, love for your sister, love for someone close, and, finally, love for yourself — a happy grown-up woman that you were dreaming to become as a little girl living in the distanced Subcarpathian countryside long time ago.

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